She’s lied?

When tenderly fog closing my heart thought about you.
When the sun show me path of our love.
Even when i saw the truth of the world.

I’m still afraid. Afraid if you lied.

She said “You’re so strong“.
– wasnt love teaches us to be strong?
Then, she fell silent. Until we met for twice.

Someday when the rain comes down.
I came to you, just bring an umbrella and give it to you.
And then you said “You’re so kind, why you do this for me?
– wasnt love is an action? Words and beautiful writing is just a crap.

11b73976e374a7f6b0fe9a0c62305f26.jpgAt that time. Her tears come out.
And looked at me with a teary expression.
I remember. You hug me and whispered softly in my ear “I love you, love u so much“.

Compliment, flattery and your words was make my day.

Actually make my heart become a flower, again and again.
Since that day, I found it hard to sleep.
Because the reality is more beautiful than a dreams.
I think. I fall in love!

Daily Promt : Flattery 


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