Aku menyerah.
Saat kau tarik simpul manismu.
Bahkan ketika kau beranjak memanggilku cinta.

Aku bukan rasa malu, aku juga merasa sepertimu.
Dan kurasa aku tertarik padamu.
apalagi kalau bukan, pada senyum itu.Read More »



If I had a time machine.
I will not do it.
Doing emotion and anger in front of my laptop.

It fretting me.
the restless fingers feel guilty.

I am disappointed.
when it actually happened to me.

I ruin my laptop.
Actually my harddisk.
I’m sorry, have ruined it.
Ruin is tantamount to wipe the memory with her.
My lover.

I could buy a new one, or replace it.
But the memory is still stored?
Memories with her really valuable than money.


She still stored in hearts and also my mind.

Silent Just Make Dreams Or Taking Action?

I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me.

Because my arguments maybe wrong without someone who disagree to me.

The argument is often not prove anything, but desire alone.

Argument can make a peace but also discord…

Argument become conclusion & have one purpose is great, so lets make some argument, lots of argument. But, don’t forget to responsible with your argument.

For Daily Prompt: Argument

Image Credits – Deviantart