Day 3-Three Day Quote Challenge

Don’t look me like that, don’t catch me, and dont judge me.

I just want to sharing my opinionexpression, and several trash qoute.

Now, in this beautiful monday, I need your like and commend about my qoute. This is the last day challange in wich i was nominated by eddaz, and i greatly apreciated about it.

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Day 2-Three Day Quote Challenge

Yeay. This is the second day of the challenge in wich i was nominated by eddaz. In this section I want to write some qoute about “trust“. I hope you will enjoy it.

You’re the one who has power over yourself. The path you see will always be dark if you look at it that way. I believe in your heart there is still a small sun that you cover. Open a moment. And you will realize how beautiful rainbow that you’ve been avoiding. Your feelings. -harlife

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