Looking at You

She is my life.
She was like an angel,
waiting for love.
not looking for love.

I come from the heart.
even when me far with her.
when missed clot hard as rocks.
I threw it away into the sky.
hopes fall on those who are not longing.
because miss not about waiting,
but about the meeting.

I was about jealousy.
jealous buried in the hole plays.
like the underground hole that is always dark.
when the sun illuminates only reluctantly.
especially light eyes.
looking at me.


Day 3-Three Day Quote Challenge

Don’t look me like that, don’t catch me, and dont judge me.

I just want to sharing my opinionexpression, and several trash qoute.

Now, in this beautiful monday, I need your like and commend about my qoute. This is the last day challange in wich i was nominated by eddaz, and i greatly apreciated about it.

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One Step to Hurt Someone

Love could be injured.
– When we are too stupid to think.

Love could be injured.
– When we forget the purpose of loving.

Love may be injured.
– When we forget the promises that have been agreed.

Love could be injured.
– When we are clumsy to love someone.

Love always get hurt.
– When we are careless love the wrong person.


Daily Prompt : Clumsy



If I had a time machine.
I will not do it.
Doing emotion and anger in front of my laptop.

It fretting me.
the restless fingers feel guilty.

I am disappointed.
when it actually happened to me.

I ruin my laptop.
Actually my harddisk.
I’m sorry, have ruined it.
Ruin is tantamount to wipe the memory with her.
My lover.

I could buy a new one, or replace it.
But the memory is still stored?
Memories with her really valuable than money.


She still stored in hearts and also my mind.

Calcuscus, typo style.


Kau hadir 2 kali dalam seminggu.

Tak penat, tak gundah. Aku bahagia, namun dalam sebuah sandiwara.

Ku sulit meraba ekspresimu.

Ku sulit menerka tingkah lakumu.

Aku hadir hanya untuk diam dan membisu.



Kau membuat hidupku sungguh ringan tanpa beban.

Apalah hidup tanpa sandiwara, bukan?

Hidup-mati, hidup-mati kulalui semenjak ku beradaptasi denganmu.

Rumus-rumus mu mengesankan.

Aku kagum, lagi-lagi terdiam.



Tuntutlah aku mempelajarimu.

Tuntutlah aku sebisa yang kau mau.

Tuntutlah aku menjadi mahasiswa berilmu.

Meskipun, dosennya begitu.

Aku rela.


Ditemukan terkapar disudut ruangan bersama buku kalkulus dihadapannya.
13 – Oktober – 2016

Just Need You.

When you promise to me for many times.

You need to know dear.

Sometimes vows and pledges just looks like a crap.

Do not easily to pledged, but you make something wrong.

If you pledge a thousand times, then you will lose me a thousand times more.

Love not need a shit thing. love not need a sacrifice.

Love need a sincerity.

– When I was wet from the rain just because of you. I did not mind.

Because the promise is not a constant value. pledge today will be different tomorrow. especially the years.

If love is a promise and if love is a souvenir.

Once granted, the love will never be forgotten. Do not let it be lost.

Love is giving a promise, man betrayed. Love can be trusted, but not humans.

Feel the beats! comb the pages you find through my heart in obedience promise.

Dear, avoid to make a promises.

Love is not appointment, and i do not need that too.

I just need you, need you to accompany my day.

Need your figure becomes damper anger.

Need your figure when I’m wrong about something.

Need you when under that tree, are you remember that?

The time where we sing together, we feel grief together. wrote a poem and read it to me. it was crazy, but I loved it.

Enough you, dear.

In the end, no one can force. No appointments or loyalty. No, even if he chose to stay with you, her heart is not forced by anything and by anyone.

Daily Prompt : Promises