Day 2-Three Day Quote Challenge

Yeay. This is the second day of the challenge in wich i was nominated by eddaz. In this section I want to write some qoute about “trust“. I hope you will enjoy it.

You’re the one who has power over yourself. The path you see will always be dark if you look at it that way. I believe in your heart there is still a small sun that you cover. Open a moment. And you will realize how beautiful rainbow that you’ve been avoiding. Your feelings. -harlife

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Day 1- Three Day Quote Challenge

Good night all.
I just got elected from three people for three days writing a quote.
I was challenged by Eddaz, he shares about lifestyle, love, relationships with some poetry. Dont forget to visit his blog, because its prety awesome and much of beautiful words.

I accept this challenge, it is because I love to write and I hope I can make you fall happily in my words. Thanks Eddaz.Read More »

One Step to Hurt Someone

Love could be injured.
– When we are too stupid to think.

Love could be injured.
– When we forget the purpose of loving.

Love may be injured.
– When we forget the promises that have been agreed.

Love could be injured.
– When we are clumsy to love someone.

Love always get hurt.
– When we are careless love the wrong person.


Daily Prompt : Clumsy


Hanya Rintik Kenangan

Semua tau, hujan tak pernah memperlihatkan apapun. Selain bunyi dan rintiknya yang selalu menari diatas ingatan. Dengan membawa sejuta kenangan. Hujan tak berharap dirinya jatuh dan terjerembab. Dia terhempas, terbuang dan berakhir dengan suara yang teratur. Seperti nafas saat kita tidur. Hujan adalah dirimu yang tak mengeluh saat jatuh berkali-kali dan tidak pernah menyalahkan takdir, karna hujan itu tabah. Mereka yang […]

Silent Just Make Dreams Or Taking Action?

I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me.

Because my arguments maybe wrong without someone who disagree to me.

The argument is often not prove anything, but desire alone.

Argument can make a peace but also discord…

Argument become conclusion & have one purpose is great, so lets make some argument, lots of argument. But, don’t forget to responsible with your argument.

For Daily Prompt: Argument

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